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Posted on 01-25-2014

Foods on the Healing Foods Diet

Nuts & Seeds (raw is best)
Almonds Pecans Cashews
Walnuts Macadamia nuts Brazil nuts
Pine nuts Pumpkin Seeds Flaxseeds
Hempseeds Chia seeds NO peanuts (biotoxic and high omega-6)
Black beans Adzuki beans Kidney beans
Pinto beans White beans Lima beans
Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries
Blackberries Acai Berries Goji Berries
Lime Lemon
Apples Grapefruit
Fruits (Not to be eaten on Healing Diet first 30 days)
Bananas Oranges Mangoes
Pineapple Melon
Dairy (raw is best)
Goats milk Goats milk yogurt Goats milk cheese
Sheep cheese Sharp Cheddar cheese Whole Milk Plain Stoneyfield farm yogurt 
Fats & Oils (organic is best)
Ghee Butter- grass fed Coconut Oil
Grapeseed Oil Olive Oil Flaxseed Oil
Hempseed Oil Pumpkin Seed Oil Borage Oil (GLA)
Fish Oil Cod Liver Oil Avocado Oil
Sesame Oil
Vegetables (high fiber and low glycemic)
Asparagus Bell Peppers Broccoli
Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower
Celery Collard greens Cucumber
Eggplant Garlic Ginger root
Grasses (wheat and barley) Green beans Green lettuces
Heart of palm Kale Mushrooms
Mustard greens Olives Onions
Parsley Radishes Snow peas
Spinach Sprouts Sea Vegetables
Water Chestnuts Zucchini
Vegetables (to be eaten in moderation)
Artichokes Beets Tomatoes
Chick peas (garbanzo) Legumes Leeks
Lentils Okra Peas
Pumpkin Squash (acorn, butternut, winter, summer, spaghetti)
Meats/Protein (all-natural poultry and grass-fed meat)
Eggs (cage free) Fish (wild caught) Chicken
Turkey Beef Lamb
Venison Wild Game
Lower fiber Carbohydrates (NOT on Healing Foods Diet, but on Basic Diet)
Amaranth Barley Brown rice
Buckwheat Corn (non-GMO) Ezekiel bread
Millet Quinoa Spelt
Sprouted grains Steel cut oats Sweet Potatoes or Yams
Wild rice
Sea Salt (Celtic, Himalayan, or sea) Apple cider vinegar Balsamic vinegar
Salsa Guacamole Hummus
Mustard Organic flavorings (vanilla, almond, etc.) Vegenaise w/ grapeseed oil
Cocoa and Carob Herbs and spices (basil, rosemary, curry, cinnamon, etc.)s Soy sauce (wheat free), Braggs liquid amino’s
Stevia Xylitol
Sweeteners (NOT on Healing Foods Diet, but on Basic Diet)
Raw Honey (unheated in small amounts) Agave Nectar Maple syrup grade A or B
Brown rice syrup
Purified, non-chlorinated water Natural sparkling water, no carbonation added (Pellegrino) Herbal Teas (unsweetened preferably organic)
Raw Vegetable juices Raw lemonade (Stevia, lemons and water) Bullet Proof Organic Coffee

Kim James said:

I wonder if drinking "bone broth" is acceptable for the Healing Foods portion of this lifestyle change we are making?

2014-01-27 17:50:41

Dr. Alicia said:

Yes. It is good to go.

2014-01-27 19:34:33

Deanna Thompson said:

Where can I find the recipes for Marinated Chicken Satay and the Fish Fry Dinner? Deanna: Thought both were listed. They are not. Will create them now. Sorry

2014-02-01 15:34:34

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